About Us


The worldwide awareness of the sustainability of life and nature is indicative of an important role that civil infrastructures play in guaranteeing a sustainable life quality. Once an infrastructure is constructed its life-cycle demands a great effort in terms of maintenance and rehabilitation, in order not to jeopardize the initial investment in infrastructure assets and not to degrade surrounding and global environment. Thus, a new strategy in terms of research and development, through knowledge and its dissemination around the world, is being implemented with the support of a permanent organization, a technical and learned society − iSMARTi.

This society is dedicated to the theme of maintenance & rehabilitation of infrastructure assets of the transport system including corridors, airports, roads, pavements, tunnels and bridges, railroads, ports, dockland, utilities, and multimodal facilities. The society will support various different periodic events (conferences, workshops, short courses, technology synthesis reports), which will have the objective of promoting the exchange of know-how between the professionals involved in each of those infrastructure assets.

In addition, the society will publish periodic newsletters for review and dissemination of its activities, as well as results of research, development, and technology transfer efforts.

The objectives of this website are:

  • to provide the membership with regular and up to date news and information about the activities of the society around the world.

  • to provide communication platform for the effective management and administration of the society.

  • to provide a communication platform for the effective coordination of the Standing Committees (SC).

  • to provide a single point of access for our members to obtain information on upcoming events and conferences.

The Society office bearers and SC Chair have access to and manage the content of the website and therefore updated and new information will be a regular feature. In time it is hoped that the website will be further developed to satisfy the Board’s long-term goals:

  • to provide an effective and efficient tool for the dissemination of SC publications and reports.

  • to assist in the efficient coordination and management of international and specialist conferences.

  • to provide and economic and convenient means of publishing and distributing iSMARTi sponsored keynote lectures and proceedings.