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Message from iSMARTi President – Prof. Hosin “David” Lee

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Prof. Hosin “David” Lee, Director of LACT, was elected to serve as the 4th President of International Society for Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Transport Infrastructures (iSMARTi) with a four-year term (2016-2019). The iSMARTi successfully organized the 8th International Conference on Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Pavements in Singapore, July 27-29, 2016. He invited over 250 participants to attend the next iSMARTi conference called “International Conference on Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Constructed Infrastructure Facilities (MAIREINFRA) at J.W. Marriott Hotel in Seoul, Korea, on July 19-21, 2017. For more information about the conference, visit

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Q & A

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